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It is very difficult to express what you want your item to be by just pushing some buttons.  I highly recommend you call me to discuss whatever you are looking to  purchase or have custom made.

Remember, you can send all of the fabrics and threads for your project and I will use them, or you can let me know what you want and I can show you various fabrics, threads, etc.  

I typically use either a needled cotton or a wool batting.  The loft is up to you, I like a nice high loft with my wool batting.  In fact, since I began using wool, I now use it most.  There are other cottons, silks and polys out there, a poly is much less expensive, but it is up to you what you want in your quilt.

I'm sure you may have seen a quilt that your grandmother had, maybe even made by her mother.  A well made quilt can last decades and be passed down through generations.  So keep this in mind when choosing the materials for your item.

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